NYC’s train line

Probably, the most wonderful urban design space projected during the first decade of the new millenium. The New York High Line, was opened in June 2009 as a rehabilitacion of an old train line that passed throught west Manhattan.

The High Line is a highly steal structure, that was built in 1930 and has a lenght of 2 kilometers. It operated for 50 years, until 1980.

It was in 2003, after several years of forgetfulness, when NYC called up an architectural competition for the change of the old train line into a modern public space over the city.

The winner architectural team was compounded by James Cornerield Operations together with Diller Scofidio + Renfro. They proposed an idea based on keeping the wild vegetation that had grown during the last 23 years. In this way, they designed the park with a pavement that allowed the vegetation to continue growing along different sites of the lane. Moreover, they gave us the chance of having great views of the Manhattan’s roofs.

Therefore, the vegetation is what composes the lane. We could define this space as an Agri-tecture park, as it contributes with architectural and agricultural ideas.

The park is divided in three different sections and has more than 12 acces points along the way.

Some blog partners and I had the opportunity of visiting NYC two years ago, and, of course, we walked across the High Line enjoying the views. The main problem was the 40 degrees celsius during our trip… although we soon forgot it playing cards in the shade!

August 2010

I attach a YouTube video about the development of the High Line, to compensate for the few words of this post.


7 Respuestas a “NYC’s train line


    • Me alegro de que os gustara! Es un sitio muy distinto a lo que te encuentras por Manhattan!merece la pena conocerlo.

  2. Coincido con Javi en que es un post muy útil. De lo mejorcito del blog.
    Un abrazo y ¡seguid adelante con esta iniciativa tan buena!


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